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Make Well-being a Team Effort

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Rise to the Challenge

The Propel Challenge is a virtual, physical activity competition that allows participating organizations to compete against each other by logging activities in the Propel Platform to earn points.

Participants can choose from hundreds of physical activities, so there is something for everyone! As your team’s participants record their physical activity, you’ll see your organization’s progress versus the other participating organizations on the real-time leaderboard.

The organization with the most number of average points at the end of the competition wins!


Easy to Use Challenge Portal

The Propel Challenge is run using the Propel Challenge Portal, a seamless desktop and mobile experience.

During the Challenge, your participants will be able to:

  • Track 100+ activities
  • Directly integrate their Fitbit, Garmin, Apple or Google Fit device to track steps
  • View a live external leaderboard that displays average point totals of all competing organizations
  • View a live internal leaderboard that displays point totals of all of their colleagues
  • Submit healthy selfies that display on the community section of the Portal
  • Set custom goals for any activity
  • Send in-portal messages to colleagues
  • Access the Portal on desktop and mobile devices, no app required.

Take Advantage of Built-in Resources

All participants in the Propel Challenge will receive access to downloadable healthy recipes, meditation resources and a guided workout library with dozens of workouts for every taste. Give your employees a month of high-quality content, focused on their total well-being.


The Best Value in Corporate Well-being!

$1500.00 per organization

  • Unlimited participants
  • Available globally
  • Compete against other organizations
  • Multiple real-time leaderboards
  • 100+ trackable activities
  • Automatically sync activity tracking devices
  • Built-in content
  • On-demand reporting
  • On-demand messaging
It has been an absolute thrill and privilege to be part of this challenge. It really motivated, inspired and pushed me as well, not just to be healthy, but to be more focused and driven when it comes to work life and personal life.
Courtney J.
I'm extremely competitive and this challenge really helped me keep that competitive drive alive!
Jonathan M.
This challenge has motivated me to stay active and I can see the results!
Anne S.
Prior to the challenge I was not motivated, this has helped me to stay focused and reach for my goals!
Monica N.
It's great to be a part of these kinds of initiatives. It lets us to be close to our co-workers in a different enviroment.
Fabian F.
I’ve lost 7 lbs since I started this challenge while also counting my macros. I’m feeling great!
Aileen C.
It is hard to stay motivated these days in this WFH environment.. this daily accountability to the team helped me stay engaged.
Odalis I.
Thank Y’ALL so much! This has been so much fun for our organization. I’m hopeful this was the first of many challenges with you all.
Amanda B.
This Challenge has been so great for collaborating with other companies. We have employees who are friends with employees of other participating organizations, and it's fun to see how motivating it is for them to push even harder.
Leah M.
Thank you once again for everything you have done for us. This Challenge has been so amazing for our entire organization, and we are SO happy we participated!
Colleen M.

Anyone from your organization can join the Propel Challenge. This challenge is global, meaning you can offer to your entire population. Spouses and dependents are also welcome!

You have 2 chances to participate in 2023:

April 3 - 28

October 2 - 27

Sign up for one or more and involve your whole organization.

Each organization is given a minimum of 25 roster slots to fill for the competition. If an organization has fewer than 25 registered participants, they may still participate in the event but their average points will continue to be calculated across 25 individuals.

There is no upper limit to the amount of participants each team may have, so more participation is strongly encouraged!

All physical activities count towards the Challenge. There are more than 100 physical activities to choose between, and you can enter activity manually and/or automatically through a synced device. Other well-being activities can be entered for personal tracking, habit-building and goal-setting.

Absolutely not! The Propel Challenge is a virtual, physical activity competition that allows employees to compete from anywhere. Participants simply complete their favorite activities, then log the results in the Propel Challenge Portal to earn points for their team - no direct contact needed!

Yes! All competing organizations will designate an administrator (or more than one administrator) that will have access to on-demand reporting tools.

Each competing organization will accumulate points from their employees logging their physical activity in the Propel Challenge Portal. To keep the competition level, points are averaged across the total number of registered participants per organization. The team with the highest average number of points at the end of the competition wins!

Your organization will have access to the Propel platform for the entire competition period and an additional week after. If you would like to continue using Propel following the event, set up a conversation with us by clicking here.

Propel does not sell or release any participant data or information entered in the competition. To learn more about our privacy policy and protected health information compliance, click here.

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