Launch Custom Well-being Challenges That Actually Engage

Propel gives you the ability to run an unlimited number of challenges on any trackable activity, for any length of time, for any segmentation of your population.

What make Propel's challenges different?

Select Any Combination of Trackable Activities

Propel lets you run challenges on any combination of trackable activities. There are hundreds of activities that are available to be tracked in Propel, such as minutes of biking, hours of sleep, servings of vegetables and more. You can even create your own activities that can be the subject of a challenge!

Set a Duration of Any Length

Propel gives you the ability to run challenges for any length of time. That means you can run challenges for as short as one day and as long as one year.

Run by Individual, Team, or Group

Individual challenges put every participant against each other. Team challenges allow employees to create their own teams of any size and enter a challenge against other teams. Group challenges allow you to run competitions between departments, branches, regions or brands.

Make It Fun with Themed Real-time Leaderboards

Select from our hundreds of custom leaderboard options to add a unique, engaging theme to your challenge. Propel is even able to design a leaderboard to your specifications.

Create Cohesiveness with Themed Communication

Every challenge can have corresponding themed, branded communication, in the form of a flyer, poster, digital sign, rotator, or social media sizing. Propel designs custom communications at no extra cost.

Pull Reporting At Any Time

Administrators have access to run real-time reports at any moment and export to Excel. Pull challenge enrollment, leaderboard results, activities tracked, participant engagement, and more at a moment's notice.

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