Localized Program

Global Employee Well-being That Stays Relevant

Run a global employee well-being program without sacrificing relevancy. Propel helps you localize content and messaging by region, language, division or brand while keeping your entire program under one umbrella.

Run a Truly Global Program

Keeping employees engaged at the local level doesn't have to come at the expense of global well-being initiatives. Propel's localized technology gives you the freedom to take a top down approach to well-being and create one global program.

Propel's node structure allows you to launch initiatives across all regions to run global challenges, publish global content and share global pillars.

Localized content

Publish and Control Local Content

Using Propel's node structure, your well-being Portal can be relevant to specific populations. Regional well-being program administrators and wellness champions have the ability to:

  • Create and edit pages
  • Edit Portal navigation
  • Upload images
  • Create custom surveys, forms and polls
  • Embed video and audio content

A few of the ways Propel localizes your program


Each localized version of your Portal comes with its own built-in content management system that allows local program administrators to publish content that matters to them.


Propel helps you create translated versions of your Portal so each employee interacts in their native language.


Run an unlimited number of individual, team and group well-being challenges that can be localized or globalized.


Create financial or non-financial incentive programs that display only the incentives an employee is eligible for.

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