Flexible Employee Well-being Platform

Eliminate Your Limiting Factor

Let yourself dream about what your employee well-being program could be. Propel's flexible employee well-being platform allows you to launch creative initiatives that aren't limited by your technology.

Unlimited Custom Challenges

Dream It & Theme It

Propel enables you to run an unlimited number of customized challenges over hundreds of possible activities, all with a fun and unique theme. Run individual, team or group challenges over any activity or set of activities that is trackable. Each challenge can be attached to a unique, themed leaderboard and comes with customized communications from the Propel design team.

Multiple Concurrent Challenges

Run multiple challenges at once! Administrators can select the date range of the challenges, eligible activities and specify which groups, teams or individuals are eligible to participate.

Manually Enter Or Sync A Device

Challenge participants can manually select and report any activity in the Portal. Propel also directly connects with the most popular activity tracking devices, including Apple Health, Garmin, Fitbit and Google Fit.

On-Demand Reporting

Easily access challenge reporting on participation, leaderboard rankings, types of activities entered and more.

Included Communication Resources

Propel's design team provides themed challenge communications, utilizing flyers, posters and digital signs to easily advertise your event at no cost.

automated incentives

Custom Build Your Incentive Program

Propel doesn't hand you "our" incentive program. You have the freedom to incent any trackable activity and build an automated incentive program that will motivate your employees. Propel offers points-based, progress-based and outcomes-based programs that give you full control.

Integrate With Third Party Data

Propel can seamlessly integrate your incentive program with any third party data feed, such as biometric screenings, HRA completions, physician visits and more.

Customized Incentive Dashboard

We think incentives should be engaging and fun! That's why we custom design an incentive dashboard that fits your brand and is exclusive to you. Each employee can track their completion percentage and view all incentive activities they can complete.

Built-in Incentive Fulfillment

Propel has integrated gift card and rewards mall fulfillment options to make incentives easy. Allow employees to choose from hundreds of gift card or product options that don't have any cost other than the incentive value.

Create Custom Activities

Any measurable activity can be the subject of an incentive. Propel enables you to include your own custom activities like volunteering, company event participation, lunch & learn attendance and more.

Content Management System

Consolidate Multiple Platforms Into One

A built-in content management system (CMS) means you can create pages, change Portal navigation, upload images, embed media and more. Take your Portal to the next level by consolidating other initiatives, platforms and systems into Propel's easy-to-manage Portal.

Benefits Communication

Build a benefit communication section that only shows an employee the benefits relevant to them.

Virtual Health Fairs

Hold a virtual health fair that allows multiple vendors to showcase written and video content.

Surveys and Polls

Conduct an unlimited amount of employee surveys with built-in survey, poll and form tools.

Employee Recognition

Propel's built-in employee recognition tools allow employees to recognize one of their peers, share success stories or deliver service awards. You even have the option to include financial and non-financial incentives.

Financial Well-being

Use Propel's Financial Well-being Program to give employees access to e-learning modules, free financial coaching, high interest savings accounts and debt consolidation.

Segmented Messaging

Propel's administrator panel gives you the ability to send messages to specific employee, spouse or dependent groups with one easy tool. Group by incentive program, region, employee or dependent status and more.

Community Initiatives

Create a community initiative section that showcases photos, recap videos, success stories, executive messages and more. Employees can also track volunteer hours or self-reported contributions to charity.

Safety Education

Build in safety education, webinars, downloadable checksheets, quizzes and more.

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