Improve Employee Well-being Engagement

Build Sustainable Employee Engagement

Your employees aren't interested in the same things. Propel helps you drive engagement like never before by meeting your employees wherever they are on their well-being journey.

Included Resources

Well-being Content for All Tastes

Propel's team of exercise physiologists, personal trainers, registered dieticians, corrective exercise specialists and mental health experts give your employees instant access to hundreds of educational videos, downloadable resources and tutorials directly from your Portal.

Virtual Kitchen downloadable healthy recipe library

Corrective exercise stretching and injury prevention tutorials

Guided exercise video library

Mindfulness and meditation content


Set Out for Your Next Destination

Propel Destinations, included with the Propel platform, are multi-week personal well-being programs that concentrate on a specific topic. Employees will have access to e-learning modules, videos, downloadable resources, quizzes and more.


Set Custom Goals & Track Your Progress

Propel allows you to set goals for any activity trackable in the platform, and watch your progress. Employees can choose from fitness, nutrition, wellness and biometric activities and push on toward their specific well-being goals.


Let Them Compete

Propel's private challenges allow employees to launch their own invite-only events between individuals and teams. Private challenges have no date or activity restrictions, meaning your employees can run an unlimited amount for any duration, over any activity.

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