Customized Total Employee Well-being

Take Control of Your Well-being Program

Propel Enterprise is a fully customized well-being solution that gives you unparalleled flexibility to run your program the way you want it.

Full Desktop and Mobile Branding

Create a Seamless Branded Experience

Make your well-being program a seamless part of all organizational initiatives with a branded well-being platform optimized for both desktop and mobile. From the colors, to the font and navigation, this Portal is uniquely yours.


Dream It & Theme It

Propel enables you to run an unlimited number of customized challenges over hundreds of possible activities, all with a fun and unique theme. Run individual, team or group challenges over any activity or set of activities that is trackable. Each challenge can be attached to a unique, themed leaderboard and comes with customized communications from the Propel design team.


Custom Build Your Incentive Program

Propel doesn't hand you "our" incentive program. You have the freedom to incent any trackable activity and build an automated incentive program that will motivate your employees. Propel offers points-based, progress-based and outcomes-based programs that give you full control.

One-click reporting

Agile, Downloadable Reporting

Make reporting the easiest part of your job with Propel's one-click reports, built directly into the Propel administrator panel. Access multiple reports on-demand, such as program registration, competition leaderboards, incentive progress, group engagement and more.


Well-being Content for All Tastes

Propel's team of content specialists give your employees instant access to hundreds of educational videos, downloadable resources and tutorials directly from your Portal, on any device.

global capabilities

Run a Truly Global Program

Keeping employees engaged at the local level doesn't have to come at the expense of global well-being initiatives. Propel's localized technology gives you the freedom to take a top down approach to well-being and create one global program.

Propel's node structure allows you to launch both global and localized initiatives across regions to run challenges, publish content and share pillars.

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