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Are you looking to: Implement a wellbeing program for the first time? Improve engagement in an existing program? Find a better way to manage and expand your wellbeing initiatives? Unite multiple tools into a cohesive program? Expand your wellbeing program globally? Propel can do all that, and more!

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Track wellbeing activity, set goals, create challenges and participate in competitions!

Propel can be accessed through a corporate intranet or directly through a secure web server. Propel is designed to motivate health and wellbeing activity among all participants in a fun, team building environment links your employees in ways that deliver bottom-line cost savings.

Propel's Key Features

  • Consolidate your wellbeing programming
  • Enhance a corporate culture of wellbeing
  • Design and manage your custom incentive program
  • Deliver relevant health and wellbeing content in multiple formats
  • Deliver Health Risk Assessments
  • Set up your biometric screening program
  • Develop virtual teams
  • Log fitness activity
  • Log health information/activity
  • Log other wellbeing activity
  • Set and track goals
  • Track activity in multiple ways
  • Engage in custom competitions
  • Provide coaching access
  • Integrate Health Risk Assessments and Biometric Screenings
  • Communicate in multiple ways to your users through automated messaging
  • Recognize individual achievement through automated but personal communication


What do users really want?

You've seen all the "wellbeing programs" —everyone has used them, but they all seem to leave the end user saying, "Nothing really fits what I want. I do more activities than just walking or running."  Participating in the wellness program becomes a chore.

"I want it to be easy and fun. I want to be able to track everything in one place. I want to choose any fitness activity, not just walking or running. I want to create my own goals. I want to connect with friends. I want to access it from my phone. I want to compete. I want to challenge others on my terms. I want to win prizes. I want to be motivated. I want to succeed!”

Check out what Propel can do for you and your employees/members.

Tracking & Goals

You can track anything you want—physical activity, health activity, holistic activity, events, health screens, health and wellbeing assessments, education, community service hours, recycling and so much more!

Any activity you make available to your employees/members to track can be the subject of a personal goal. You can also create an unlimited number of personal goals.

My Goals - Move 45 minutes a day

Competitions & Incentives

Competitions motivate engagement. You may also want to offer incentives to increase engagement.

With Propel, you can create your own customized incentive program that can include monetary incentives such as cash, premium reductions, health savings account contributions, trips, tickets, logo-wear, parties—just about anything! And with Propel, you get a team of experts to help you design the right incentive strategy for your organization.

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Social Networking

When it comes to changing behavior, our social networks can have a significant impact. The more we connect to those around us in ways that help reinforce positive behavior change, the easier reaching our goals will be.

Propel offers many ways to encourage social connection around positive behavior change. This includes ways to quickly find fitness partners, create or establish teams; ways to create discussion boards, blogs and polls; ways to connect through social networks like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Employees can use the Propel platform to share success stories, join competitions, view leaderboards, launch private challenges, earn recognition and more!

Competition invitation


From articles and videos to interactive eLearning modules, Propel can cover a wide range of education needs—all of which you can control through the comprehensive content management system.

And because of the flexibility and customizability of Propel, relevant educational content can be offered to employees based on their specific needs. You can even incorporate training into an annual wellness campaign and add incentives if it’s right for your program.

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Add-on Modules

We're always adding to the functionality and capabilities of Propel to continually enhance user engagement.

This includes new weight management tools, new physical activity management tools, new stress management tools, new sleep management tools and new tobacco-cessation tools. Our primary goal is engagement that leads to positive behavior change! And we know to make that happen, we must always be responding to the users' needs.


See Propel in Action

The easiest way to find out if Propel is right for your organization is to schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute demo of the platform.