About Propel

Propel is a comprehensive wellbeing platform that is customized for our clients’ unique wellbeing programs to connect multiple wellbeing resources and drive significantly increased program engagement.

With Propel you get a customized Portal (that we customize for you and preload with evidence-based content that you can control). The Portal then serves as your central wellbeing platform for wellbeing information, education, communication and wellbeing competitions throughout the year. Users get custom-branded tracking tools that allow them to set goals, track from hundreds of potential categories (physical activity, nutrition, biometrics, health, wellness and more), network with others, create and launch their own private competitions, qualify for customizable incentives and much more. And there are multiple ways to get data into the system including online entry from any computer or mobile device that can access the web, data feeds, file uploads and administrative entry.

Organizations can launch HRAs, import biometric data, develop fully customized incentive strategies (participation-based and/or outcomes-based), provide multiple forms of education, and track all forms of participation and engagement.